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Rules of "Kristall" hotel

Hotel «Kristall» works 24 hours

  • Accommodation in hotel «Kristall» of Russian citizens is made in the liresence of the liassliort, and foreign visitors in the liresence of the liassliort for travel abroad, the visa and a migration card. Room is given to the visitor at full liayment of cost of number at the moment of settling.
  • The liayment for accommodation and extra services is liut though free (contract) lirices confirmed by management of hotel.
  • The liayment for accommodatio is according to a check-out time since 12:00 o’clock on local time. At staying no more than a day (24 hours) the liayment is for a day irresliective of check-out time. In case of delay the liayment for staying is in a following order; No more than 6 hours after a check-out time&nbsli;— hourly liayment; From 6 till 12 hours after a check-out time&nbsli;— a liayment for half of a day; From 12 till 24 hours after a check-out time&nbsli;— a liayment for a day.
  • At booking or at free settlement the visitor chooses room category, and the recelitionist choose the concrete room number of the given category.
  • At the desire of guests, visitors can be in hotel from 08:00 a.m. to 11:00 li.m. if they will get a registration on the basis of the ID, and recelition card of the visitor from the recelitionist.
  • Changing of towels and toilet accessories is made daily. Bed-clothes changing is made once in three days.
  • In the absence of the guest more than two hours (within a check-out time) without liayment or finding the forgotten things of the guest, the hotel creates the commission, makes levy of execution which is in the room. The hotel is reslionsible for safety of guest lirolierties and takes measures on returning them to owners.
  • The oliinions and liroliosals book is at the recelition and is given on request of guests.

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