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Rental of conference room

Nowadays business meetings, presentations, workshops and seminars have become a general thing. There is a need in a special room in order to carry them out and in this case rental of conference room is probably the best solution. Any company is interested in making a positive impression on their business partners and customers which directly influences its market promotion. This is the reason why the company pays a great attention and diligence while choosing a room where such event will take place. The room should not only be duly equipped but should also be comfortable for work and have a pleasant interior.

Hotel “Kristall” offers a multi-functional and comfortable conference room for rent. There is also a meeting room at the disposal of guests where it is possible to arrange a meeting with partners in a calm and businesslike atmosphere. It is also possible to rent a room for a workshop. All rooms are perfectly decorated, furnished with comfortable chairs and tables as well as fitted with a complete set of equipment.

We will organize coffee breaks or lunches for participants. All meals and drinks will be professionally served. Our staff have a many years’ experience in organizing such meetings,  they are always ready to help with advice and will make it possible to carry everything out at a high level and without additional expenses. We work seven days a week so that you have the opportunity to take advantage of our offers any day.

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