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For newly married couples

Organization of marriage banquet is usually the responsibility of relatives of future spouses and is a difficult and troublesome task. The bride and groom are dreaming of a romantic custom wedding without any worries. Internet can help you find the best option. For example, it became a good tradition to celebrate the birth of a new family away from the city center, in a quiet place of Moscow region. One has only to specify the following in any search system - Hotel Moscow region Wedding, and there will be lots of variants offered to you.

Hotel "Kristall" offers organization of marriage banquets taking into account all the wishes of the couple and their close relatives at attractive prices. No one will have to prepare a huge number of festive dishes, buy boxes of beverages, take care of the dishes, the design of the room and take into account many important details. Hotel staff will do it all for you. You only need to contact us by phone or Internet.

There will be a wonderful table set for you with meals of your choice and elegant dishes. Beautifully decorated spacious banquet hall is roomy and there is also a place to dance. It is possible to invite to the wedding a professional toastmaster, musicians, photographers, order a special wedding cake and loaf and even to arrange magnificent fireworks in honor of the new family.

Newly married couples will be given a special attention in the Hotel "Kristall". Tired after a noisy banquet, the young couple can relax and spend their wedding night by going to a Honeymoon Room with a special romantic atmosphere created only for two. It creates a special romantic setting just for two. The room is very comfortable and can be nicely decorated with candles and flowers. We’ve taken into account all daily needs for a comfortable stay: utensils, hygiene items, television and the Internet, a refrigerator and an electric kettle.

Newlyweds will enjoy the peace and quiet, romantic atmosphere, the proximity to each other. Honeymoon room offers them everything so that nothing interferes with their communication, love and tenderness. They will be able to sit by the fireplace, relax, take a shower and be together all night without worrying about anything. This is a special night that they will remember forever. Our staff will make sure to decorate this happy moment with all the newlyweds want.

The first breakfast after the wedding will be served right in the room at the request of the newlyweds. This will release them from cares and provide them with the possibility of staying together a little more and enjoy delicious meals.

And then there comes the time for newlyweds and wedding guests to have fun. Walking in the fresh air, beach and sports entertainment, music, dancing, horse riding – many things become possible in our hospitable hotel when once you wish. Wedding in Hotel "Kristall" located in Moscow region will be original, fun and unforgettable at any time of the year. Our friendly staff will be happy to release the newlyweds and their guests from the tedious cares and will do everything so that you remember your wedding for a long time and only with delight.

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